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peppermint bark martini

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Peppermint bark & Christmas just go together.  This drink is simply decadent!  Get your mixologist on for your next holiday soiré; your guests will be soooo impressed!!!

Shopping list:

-Vanilla vodka


-Godiva chocolate liquor

-Rumple minze peppermint schnapps

How to:

2 ounces of vodka

2 ounces of Godiva chocolate liquor

1 ounce of kahlua

1 ounce of rumple minze

1 tablespoon of chocolate sauce

Add all of these ingredients to a shaker full of ice and serve in a martini glass, garnish with chocolate sauce lining the inside of the glass ( garnish the glass before you pour) .

sip responsibly...


photos by philterphotography

recipe & styling by Shannon Paul