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Hey guys!!! I know it’s a been awhile since my last post but this year one of my goals is to blog more frequently. Wish me luck :)

Having great style is so within your reach the only requirement is CONFIDENCE! Yep; it’s not having the most expensive outfit or the perfectly decorated home. It’s all about wearing what makes you feel like a million bucks or having pieces in your home that are uniquely you, tell a story and make your house feel like a home.

Here are a few style rules that I live by:

SHOP WITH PURPOSE. This is probably the thing I stress most to my clients. We have all fallen into the trap of a day of shopping and coming home with absolutely nothing we intended on buying or needing. Whether your shopping for clothes or decor items have a list and know what your shopping for. If you can’t make a list that means you probably don’t need it! When you shop with purpose your budget will thank you and you will end up buying things you truly love.

SPLURGE ON THE SHOES. Invest in the staples of your wardrobe that you will wear over and over again. I love trends just as much as the next girl but I spend accordingly when I know that I can’t see myself wearing that cold shoulder top more than a few times.

THE 80/20 RULE. Strive to have a closet that is 80% staples and classic pieces and 20% trendy. By doing this it becomes so much easier to develop your own personal style (bonus it really cuts down on your getting ready time) .

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