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So guys this is not my typical post as it does not involve flowers, decor or a fun drink recipe.  

Five years ago on Memorial day weekend I had spent my typical holiday weekend lying in the sun by the pool.  This is always my favorite weekend being it is the unofficial start of the summer season.  After that weekend I noticed a black bump on my left upper arm about the size of a dime, I had thought it was a bug bite of some sort.  Within two weeks that dime sized bump had quadrupled in size.  I was in need of a doctor's appointment but like most people I thought it would just go away.  Thank goodness for my Mom she was very concerned about the black bump on my arm that was growing at an alarming rate so I appeased her and saw my family physician.  He also thought it was a bite and removed it in the office that day. 

At my two week follow up appointment he told me that it was not a bite but squamous cell carcinoma.  What???  How could a light haired, fair skinned, blue eyed, non sun screen wearing, ex-tanning bed user, sun loving women possibly have skin cancer.  It was a scary thing to hear however I realize how lucky I am and how much worse it could have been.  Because it was found so early the next step for me was to see a plastic surgeon who removed the necessary amount of tissue in order to make sure all margins were clear.

I don't avoid the sun today I am just smarter about it.  I make sure to wear sun screen and reapply religiously and wear a hat sunglasses.  I will always love being outdoors now I just do it a little bit differently.  



what is a lifestylist and why you need one in your life

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A lifestylist is a person who believes that investing in one's style means investing in one's happiness.  When I was ten I told my sister that when I grew up I wanted to tell people what to wear and how to set their dining room table properly.  It's funny how we know what our true passion is at such a young age.  Fast forward many years later...  I decided to take my love of  flowers, fashion, interior design and cocktail making and create a lifestyle business.

My goal is to create, inspire and help you live your best life!  As my business may seem a bit superficial on the surface it is so much more than that.  I am lucky to be able to affect my clients life in such a positive manner.  Whether it be designing the perfect setting and florals for your wedding day or special event, creating a home or business space that every time you walk in it makes you smile or showing you how to look and feel your best in your clothes I get to be a part of your best life and milestones.   Thanks so much for following me on this journey!!

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berries & bubbles

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Picture Perfect New Years’ Cocktail

I love, love, love bubbles!  Anything with champagne in it is always a win in my book.  berries & bubbles is super easy to make and only requires a few ingredients.  Even better; right?!

Start 2018 off the right way and cheers with this delish drink.  Bonus: you can completely customize this drink by swapping out the fruit and sorbet flavors.

Shopping list 

  • sparkling rose
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen raspberries
  • blackberry sorbet

How too 

using an eight ounce champagne flute add:

  • 1 whole frozen strawberry
  • 3 frozen raspberries
  • 5 ounces of sparkling rose
  • a heaping tablespoon of blackberry sorbet
  • garnish with a metallic straw

So easy and so good.  CHEERS too 2018!!!!!!!!!!


recipe & styling by smart style by shannon paul

photos by stephanie of philterphotography





why you should go to a greenhouse 


Flowers make people happpy!!  Not only for us die hard flower fanatics, everyone reaps the benefits.  And how often can you say that?! 

Flowers improve your emotional health.  You know how you can't help but smile and I mean a real, wrinkle causing smile when you receive flowers?  A study conducted at Rutgers University found what I have always know to be true; flowers have an immediate, positive impact on your happiness and overall mental health.

Fresh stems are a must have for my home.  Such an affordable luxury that makes a big impact in any space.  Love to see what your happy flowers look like!  Share a photo in the comments section.

A big thanks to the folks at Hendrick's Flower Shop & Greenhouses located in Lititz, Pa.  They grow the most stunning calla lilies I have ever seen!  My go to source when they are in season.

Can't forget to talk about the shoes!  Grey, suede coach booties.  They go with everything from jeans to a maxi dress.  A little platform and stacked heel make these comfy and cute.  Every girl needs a great bootie that she can walk in without fear of injury.