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what is a lifestylist and why you need one in your life

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A lifestylist is a person who believes that investing in one's style means investing in one's happiness.  When I was ten I told my sister that when I grew up I wanted to tell people what to wear and how to set their dining room table properly.  It's funny how we know what our true passion is at such a young age.  Fast forward many years later...  I decided to take my love of  flowers, fashion, interior design and cocktail making and create a lifestyle business.

My goal is to create, inspire and help you live your best life!  As my business may seem a bit superficial on the surface it is so much more than that.  I am lucky to be able to affect my clients life in such a positive manner.  Whether it be designing the perfect setting and florals for your wedding day or special event, creating a home or business space that every time you walk in it makes you smile or showing you how to look and feel your best in your clothes I get to be a part of your best life and milestones.   Thanks so much for following me on this journey!!

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welcome to Coven

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There are some projects that you get to be a part of that will always have a special place in your heart. For me styling and designing Coven salon will forever be one of them!  

Lizzi, the owner and operator of Coven salon is not only a super talented hair and makeup artist but one of the coolest chicks I have ever met.  A lot of blood (if you only knew), sweat and tears were shed in the creation of this salon.  The work ethic, determination and diy skills of this woman are beyond inspiring.

Creating this space was so fun for me because it is so different from any other space I have done.  Vintage, woodsy, dark, moody, chic and sexy are the words that come to mind when I look at this salon.  Many cans of paint and vintage shops later Coven was born.  Each and every piece in this salon has a story.  Take a seat in Lizzi's chair and she can fill you in.



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